“The Google of Home Designing” – First ever Masterclass on Best Practices in Residential Interior Design in Bangalore

We finally did it!!! This Nov the 17th our objective was to go beyond the written word on this blog and do an actual show and tell of Residential Interior Design Best Practices in front of home makers at our experience centre. We spent a month collecting & preparing samples of material, paintwork, finishes etc. On top of that the experience center is wired to customize lighting based on different moods, moments and times of the day to showcase the importance of lighting in interior design – we put all this together and more as part of the Masterclass to some raving reviews from the audience … here is one

Your session provided important insights into various aspects of interior designing like the right material to choose for woodwork, different types of lighting, painting process, common mistakes, key design elements to take care for “second childhood friendliness”, wardrobe channels and so on. You are indeed the Google of Home Designing”.

The Google of home design…hee – I really liked that one!!

Ok…what we DID NOT do during those 2 hours, which actually extended to 3, was that we forgot to take any pictures 😦 . What I can to share though are some pictures of the samples and props that we used at the Masterclass … here they are.

Different material options for woodwork and how to decide on the right one
Edge management for Wooden Panels
Different Wood finishes – which one is suitable for which residential space?
Choosing colour for your walls – The method behind the maddening options
Veneer polishing options – Common mistakes to avoid while polishing
Countertop options – which goes where in the home
Tips & Tricks to make your home “second childhood” friendly
The Painting Process – How many coats of Putty, Primer and Paint do your walls need

We plan to continue the face to face conversation with the next masterclass being planned for some time this January – the dates and the registration link will be out soon. This time the plan is to focus on Home Lighting & Automation and we are looking to get some of the most innovative folks in the field of home automation to physically demonstrate live in front of the audience what automation is capable of … so watch this space.

Signing off


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